The woes of moving pt1

All our stuff is packed away in boxes, the furniture is in bits scattered around Mr.M's flatshare and come Monday we'll be moving into our very own flat.
I've been wearing variations of the same jeans with shirt outfit the past week because all my clothes are in the basement and I can't wait to finally dress up again, wear a skirt or a dress. Even a pair of shorts. The sun was shining all week and I fantasized about my dresses.
Yeah, it's time we moved.
First thing to be put up will be my wardrobe.

March Wishlist

march wishlist

I am so ready for spring.
Flowers, dresses, ditching my boring olive colored wintercoat!

Decorating our new apartment will be so much fun, we have very different ideas and I am sure it's going to be exciting to find compromises and combine our individual styles.

With the warmer weather (which I'm hoping for) I'm left with no excuses not to start running. I'm doing the insanity workout right now but I'd rather take my exercising outside and running seems like a really rewarding thing to do when you keep track of your improvements. Also it will help me explore my new city, double win!

diy: Tote bag (the easy way)

I am one of those people who love quotes and collect them in little notebooks, write them down on post-its or save them on their phone. But then I usually forget about them. So when I stumble upon a quote I highlighted while re-reading a book or flipping through an old planner, I always feel a little sad that I don't have a way to carry that quote with me. Well now I do. Literally.

First I decided on the fonts and sizing, looked them up on dafont.com  (or just write your quote in word if you already have the font downloaded) and traced them on a regular sheet right off my laptop screen.

Just the typing looked a bit boring so I found a picture of an anchor and used the same technique. Afterwards I re-traced everything with a black pencil.
The pencil I used on the actual bag is a textile marker, it's a bit more expensive than regular waterproof marker but if you don't want your lines to bleed, I suggest you invest in one.
Now, seeing as the tote bag I used is more on the thin side I could just put the sheet inside and trace the lines. If your tote's fabric is thicker, I suggest taping first the sheet, than the fabric to a well-lit window to create a lightbox effect.

This was very easy to do, took me a little more than 30 minutes and I love the result, I'm already thinking about which quote to do next!
Take care!

Let's cook: Beet Risotto

The last time I ate beet must have been 10 years ago. My Dad used to make delicious beet salad with onions and I loved how pink it was! I've never been allowed to eat artifically colored food so beet was very exciting.
While grocery shopping last week I found they had pre-cooked beets and they were rather cheap too, yay! The beets ended up sitting at the counter for a week and I had no idea what to do with them since I already knew beet salad and wanted to try something new. When I had the day off today I decided it was time for them to be eaten.
Pinterest searching finally gave me this recipe for beet risotto! I love risotto! Sold. 
I just switched butter for coconut oil and used half of what the ingredient asked for so it was just enough for two. 
The taste of this is fantastic, very beet-y and red wine-y!
Take care

winter winds

Ever since I left my hometown for good, things didn't quite work out for me.
I lived in a city that didn't feel right, couldn't connect with people and didn't like being back at university at all.
So I quit, worked a few jobs here and there for three months and then finally decided on moving to Switzerland to Mr.M. I can't tell if it was a smart decision but at least I found a great internship in a field I can see myself in long-term.

Now I'm hoping for a little bit of steadiness. God knows I need it.

Lesson learned: It's very hard to stay motivated to take pictures when the person you take them with is so much more photogenic.

Take care! Lisa